VPRA Chairperson’s Report 2011

 You know they say that when you pass 40 time goes quicker.  Well that must be true because it’s AGM time again.

VPRA has had a rocky year with groups leaving and joining.

If you are new to the Community Centre, can I extend a warm welcome from all on the Executive Committee and we hope you’ll be with us for many years.

You may have seen in your travels around the estate, that the garden area has a new fence.  This was asked for and paid for by the Woodlands Pre-School and is an additional protection for all who are hiring the Community Centre, so don’t forget, if you are hiring the hall for a birthday party, you also have use of the garden area for no extra cost.

We have had, as you have in your home, huge price increases in our utility bills, which now are between £1200 & £1500 per quarter.  This has used up much of our reserves which had been put aside for renovation etc.  All the changes we had hoped for have been put on the back burner for now and I hope that they will be resumed in 2012. 

Maintenance is an ongoing issue at the Community Centre and again is constantly increasing in cost as the building ages.  We are always looking for different ways to improve but at affordable costs.

Please don’t forget that all the various groups who use the Community Centre would welcome newcomers, so if 2011 is your time to get out and join something, have a look at what goes on there.

And to finish, we have a great range of local shops on this estate which need our support, so if you haven’t used them before, give them a go.  They will not disappoint you.