Welcome to Vinters Park & Woodlands.

Hello and on behalf of the Vinters Park Residents Association, welcome to Vinters Park & Woodlands.

We’ve put this page together to assist newcomers to get their bearings quickly and it should cover everything that you’ll need to know. Who knows, even some of the more established residents may find some of the information handy.

Community Centre
Local Shops
Childrens Play Areas
Entrances to Nature Reserve
Bus Routes
Doctor Practices
Refuse collection

All the maps can be zoomed in to or by using the Square symbols in the top right viewed in full screen.


Community Centre.
Firstly our community centre is located on Aldon Close. You’ll see on other parts of this website our events and groups that use the centre.  We also run a regular coffee morning which will give you the chance to meet fellow residents (check out our Facebook page for updates on when the next one is).
The boundary markers that are on the map show the two distinct but joined schemes that were originally built at different times.    Vinters Park is the yellow area whilst Woodlands is the Red area.
The community centre is the Gold house on the map.


Local Shops.
There is a parade of shops, located in Snowdon Avenue towards the bottom of the estate.
They currently have a hairdressers, Indian restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Dry cleaners, Chip shop and a newsagent/convenience store.
Marked on this map as the red shopping cart.


Childrens Play Areas.
There are three play areas on the estate; they’re identified on the map as Blue swings.


Entrances to the Nature Reserve.
There are four main entrances to the Nature Reserve from Vinters/Woodlands side.

North to south the first entrance is located on the bridleway walkway between the Bearsted Road at the top of the estate which runs through to Bargrove Road (It actually runs all the way through the estate and is a handy shortcut).
The second is located on Bargrove Road just inside Woodlands between numbers 49 and 51.
The other two are located on the pathway that runs at the bottom of the estate. Hard to describe how to get there but head south on the walkways towards the schools and when you can go no further follow the path to your left (so the schools are on your right) and the entrance will be on your left. The path that you’re on does actually go through all the way to Grove Green and is a handy shortcut if you’re walking.

The nature reserve’s website can be found here :http://vintersvalley.co.uk
They’re all marked on the map below as yellow markers.


Bus Routes.
There are plenty of bus stops scattered throughout the estate.

The bus timetable can be found here :

All the bus stop are shown as black markers on the map.


There are two local Post Offices, both outside the estate.
The nearest is located at the Penenden Heath row of shops North West of Vinters. (open till 5:30pm; half day Wed and Sat)
The other is located inside the Newsagents at Grove Green (open till 5:30pm, half day Sat), adjacent to Tescos over in Weavering.

More details can be found here.

The  icon on the map shows where they are; they also show where the postboxes are on the estate.


Local Doctor Practices.
There are two primary Doctor surgeries close to Vinters.
Towards town and located on the Sittingbourne Road there is the Albion Medical Practice -  01622 235613. - https://www.albionplace.co.uk
On Grove Green (adjacent to Tescos) is the Grove Green Medical Practice. 01622 734775 http://www.themedicalcentregroup.co.uk

Both are shown with the  icon


Refuse Collection
Collection of the different types of refuse takes place on different days depending upon where you are in the estate.  Maidstone Councils website allows you to put in your postcode and it will tell you the correct days.  Click here


There are no chemists on the estate but there are a couple really close by.

They are all marked with the purple icon. 

Nearest is Boots on the Sittingbourne Road (South West of the estate).
Link Pharmacy (on King Street) is probably best for children due to the extended opening hours.
Londis Pharmacy is located at the Penenden Heath shops.
Lastly, but not least is Lloyds Pharmacy at Grove Green


There are a couple of extensive almost straight line pathways top to bottom on the estate.  There are a couple of roads to cross on each but they’re away from the traffic for most of the way.   They certainly make getting into town quicker.


There a couple of Facebook pages related to Vinters park which you may find beneficial.
Firstly there’s the Community Centre’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/vinterspark/

There are also two Community based pages:

Vinters Park Estate – Maidstone

Vinters Park – Uncensored.

The Nature Reserve has it’s own page.


There is also a local buy/sell page.

Vinters Park Estate Buy/Sell/Giveaways – Residents Only.